June 28, 2022
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The 3 Best Uses for Alumina Flakes

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As Fertilizer

Alumina flakes can be used as fertilizers in farming. Alumina powder has a low rate of water absorption, and it also contains plenty of aluminum ions and is not toxic to plants. Alumina powder can be mixed with other fertilizers, such as urea or limestone, to boost crop output.

In Oil & Gas Applications

Alumina Flakes are mainly used in oil & gas applications. Our alumina powder is used in the drilling fluid and completion fluids to control the pH, resist corrosion and improve the transport properties of a fluid. These products can also be used as a scale inhibitor, emulsifier and defoaming agent. The other two best uses for alumina flakes are: – – In construction materials where they are used to manufacture cement, plasterboard and other surfacing materials. – In electrical insulation as they have a low dielectric constant which means they offer excellent thermal stability.

In Industrial Ceramics

Alumina is very useful in the industrial ceramics industry for making high-quality ceramic products with excellent properties. Because alumina is a very pure and uniform material, it can be used to produce high-quality ceramics that have good thermal and chemical stability. Alumina is an excellent raw material for producing high-quality refractory materials such as bricks, tiles, firebricks and heat insulation materials. Alumina’s low thermal conductivity also makes it an ideal material to use in manufacturing vacuum furnaces. It’s also used in the production of electronic components like semiconductors, metal alloys and solar cells.


Alumina Flakes are a fundamental ingredient in so many industries, from oil and gas to industrial ceramics. These tiny particles are a powerful force for good, and the uses for them are only expanding.

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