June 28, 2022
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How Long Does the Coil Last?

How Long Does the Coil Last?

To begin with, before stating how long a coil should last, you have to consider a few things to reach an accurate conclusion. There are certain factors for you to consider before determining how long you can use the coil of your vape device. These factors may include:

· What type of vape device you are using

· What kind of e-juice you are vaping

· The quality of the particular coils

· The voltage at which you are vaping

· What rate are you vaping through the e-liquid

At what voltage do you vape?

The volt at which you vape is a crucial factor that determines how long the coil would last due to the heat involved. The heat plays a vital role in the longevity; the hotter the coil, the more juice is boiled on the coil. This means as much as the rate of juice being vaporized increases; it reduces the longevity of the coil. A typical veteran vaper would understand that the amount of juice to be vaporized through the coil before it finishes is limited.

What type of e-juice are you vaping?

Another major factor that can affect the life of your coil is the type of e-juice you are vaping. Vaping e-liquids that contain sweeteners can cause added corrosion of the coil, which can speed up the rate at which the coil would burn out as the corrosion leaches into the cotton. This will reduce the longevity of your coil. However, vaping e-liquid that doesn’t contain added sweeteners differs. Moreover, knowing the content of your vape juice helps you to determine the actual cause for the quick-burning out of your coils.

On average, a typical well-built coil should last for between 4 days to a week. This, however, depends on how frequent you vape. For instance, if you don’t vape during work hours or throughout the day, your coils may likely last for almost two weeks because your vaping hours is not much.

Meanwhile, with large numbers of coils in the market today, it may seem somewhat complicated to determine which coil lasts longer, but here’s a guide. Aspire Atlantis 2 coils are one of the best coils out there with longer life.

How long do Aspire Atlantis 2 coils last?

The UK Aspire Atlantis 2 Coils have a wealth of impressive features including organic cotton wicking material that provides more generous wicking capabilities1.5-2mm spacing, heating wires, and its patented BVC technology allows longer-lasting life, better taste, more stability, increased vapor production and more.

Aspire Atlantis 2 Coils produces huge vapor clouds and exceedingly flavorful hits. The 0.3 Sub Ohm coils and the 0.5 Sub Ohm coils both allow a deep and pleasant vaping experience with a wide range of the best E-liquid. Although, the 1.0 Ohm coils are suitable for vapers that desire a more traditional vaping experience, yet, all resistances produce great vapor. All resistances of Aspire Atlantis 2 Coils are made with Organic Cotton to provide the most pleasurable vaping experience possible.

In conclusion

How long your Aspire Atlantis 2 Coils will last still depends on the above-listed factors. In addition, observing a few maintenance precautions such as changing your cotton correctly, cleaning your coils regularly, and more, you may end up extending the longevity of your coil up to 2 months or more.


  1. What do coils do in a vape?

    Vape coils are used to heat your vape juice and create vapor. Atomizers are typically consisting of just a coil that is wrapped in wicking material.

  2. Do all Vapes have coils?

    The atomizer coil is one of most important part of the electronic cigarettes. Using sub-ohm clearomizers to vape is referred to as “Sub-Ohm Vaping.” However, sub-ohm vaping requires more than just a sub-ohm clearomizer. They also require high-wattage devices to power them properly.

  3. Can you clean a burnt coil?

    If you have a gunked up coil, you can clean the wicks to attempt to solve the problem, either using water or some strong grain alcohol. And you have to leave it for 24 hours to dry out before you use it again.

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